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Costa Rica provinces

Costa Rica is Central America and its location produces an excellent weather. At north is Nicaragua, at south Panamá, at East the Pacific ocean and at the west the Atlantic ocean. The varying elavetions make possible a wide range of flora and fauna. Here you will find the most important data about each Costa Rica province ( state ).

San José

Area: 1,918.2 mi2

(Fifth province in size: 10% of national area)

Main city : San José ( Costa Rica's capital )

Population: 57,061
Population Density: 15.5 inhabitants per square mile

Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 3,773 feet
Average Temperature: 68.5°F
Annual Rainfall: 59-79 inches

National Theater
lUniversity of Costa Rica
National Cultural Center
Amusement Park
Old Town
Art and Contemporary Design Museum
Central Bank Museums

Cities of San José
San José Central, Escazú, Desamparados, Puriscal,
Tarrazú, Aserrí, Mora, Goicoechea,
Santa Ana, Alajuelita, Coronado, Acosta,
Tibás, Moravia, Montes de Oca, Turrubares,
Dota, Curridabat, Perez Zeledón, León Cortés

Common misspellings
San Jose, Sn Jose, Saint Jose


Area: 3,769.1 mi2
(Third province in size: 19% of national area)
Population: 716.935 (2000)

Main city : Alajuela

Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 3,123 feet
Average Temperature: 74,4°F
Annual Rainfall: 59-83 inches

Arenal Volcano and Lagoon
Sarchí (handcrafts)
Orchid Farm, Palmares
Bird Zoo
The Butterfly Farm

Alajuela's main cities
Alajuela Central, San Ramón, Grecia, San Mateo,
Atenas, Naranjo, Palmares Poás,
Orotina, San Carlos, Alfaro Ruíz, Valverde Vega,
Upala, Los Chiles, Guatuzo

Common misspellings
La Lajuela, Alajela, Alajula


Area: 1,206.9 mi2
(Sixth province in size - 6% of national area)
Population: 432,923 (2000)

Main City : Cartago

Population density: 358.5 per square mile
Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 4.708 feet
Average Temperature: 66.6°F
Annual Rainfall: 59- 79 inches

Basílica de los Angeles
Ujarras Ruins and Charrarra Water sports and picnic grounds
Colonial Church and Museum Orosi
Medicinal Plant Museum Kurieti
Religious Colonial Art Museum Orosí

Cartago's cities
Cartago Central, Paraiso, La Unión, Jimenez,
Turrialba, Alvarado, Oreamuno, El Guarco

Common misspellings
Cartgo, Cartagó


Area: 1,026.6 mi2
(Smallest province: 5% of national area)
Population: 354,926 (2000)

Main city : Heredia

Population density: 345.6 per square mile
Geographical and Meteorological conditions:
Elevation: 3,773 feet
Average Temperature: 67,6°F
Annual Rainfall: 59- 79 inches

Colonial Town and Crafts Center, Barva
ILAM / Latinoamerican Institute of Museology
Museum of Popular Culture
INBioparque (National Biodiversity Institute and Park)

Heredia's cities
Heredia Central, Barva,
Santo Domingo, Santa Barbara,
San Rafael, San Isidro,
Belén, Flores,
San Pablo, Sarapiqui

Common misspellings
Eredia, Herdia


Area: 3,917.1 mi2
(Second province in size: 20% of national area)
Population: 264,474

Main city : Libera

Population density: 67.5 per square mile
Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 472 feet
Average Temperature: 80.8°F
Annual Rainfall: 59- 79 inches .

Beaches : Sámara, Flamingo, Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Montezuma.
National Folklore City Santa Cruz
Colonial City Nicoya
Native Ceramic towns
Cowboy Museum
Religious Art Museum Nuestro Señor de la Agonia

Guanacaste's cities
Liberia, Nicoya,
Santa Cruz, Bagaces,
Carrillo, Cañas,
Abangares, Tilarán,
Nandayure, La Cruz,

Common misspellings
Gunacaste, Guanancaste, Huanacaste, Guancaste


Area: 4,351.6 mi2
(Largest province: 22% of national area)
Population: 358,137

Main city : Puntarenas

Population density: 82.3 per square mile
Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 13 feet
Average Temperature: 80.7°F
Annual Rainfall: 59 - 83 inches

Beaches : Puntarenas, Doña Ana, Jacó, Esterillos (surf)
Marine Historical Museum
Iguana Park
National Park Cocos Island

Puntarenas' cities
Puntarenas Central, Esparza,
Buenos Aires, Montes de Oro,
Osa ,Aguirre,
Golfito, Coto Brus,
Parrita, Corredores,

Common misspellings
Puntrenas, Punta Arenas


Area: 3549.2 mi2
(Fourth province in size: 18% of national area)
Population: 432,923

Main city: Limón Port

Population density: 80,4 per square mile
Geography and Meteorology:
Elevation: 10 feet
Average Temperature: 78.1°F
Annual Rainfall: 118-157 inches .

Beaches : Playa Bonita, Punta Uva, Puerto Vargas
Cariari Recreational Park
Ethnohistorical Museum
Rain Forest Aerial Tram
EARTH School for the Rain Forest
Cahuita National park

Limón's cities
Limón Central Pocosí Siquirres
Talamanca Matina Guacimo

Common misspellings
Limon , Lemon

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